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Bridgewater is a small town just south of Boston. It used to be mainly a farming community though few working farms exist there anymore. Lake Nippenicket, aka "The Nip" and the Taunton River are in Bridgewater. Bridgewater is also home to Bridgewater State College, or BSC. We have a T station and lots of fast food restaurants. The 99 was probably the biggest thing to hit Bridgewater in a long time. Bridgewater-Raynham Regional Highschool is really, really old but we are in the process of building a new one. Bridgewater and Raynham become the same place when you get to highschool. If you're from Bridgewater then you know that going "uptown" means you are going to the Roche Bros. plaza and that it's practically impossible to walk into school without your Dunkin Donuts and Mary Lous in the morning. You also know what "the Dome" is and that it's no longer a dome. You probably drive Rt 18 and 28 daily. You know that the fireworks are always on Legion Field. Being from Bridgewater, it is necessary to know about the "Bridgewater Triangle". The Triangle extends from Abington to Freetown to Rehoboth and includes the Hockamock Swamp area in Bridgewater. It is believed to be an area of intense, paranormal activity, including Bigfoot sightings.
Bridgewater Dialogue:
A: Hey, wanna go uptown and get Dunks?
B: Yea, I gotta stop at Roche's first to get stuff for the party at the Nip tonight.
A: Okay, I'm gonna run over to Raynham real quick and pick some people up.
by Alana2187 September 25, 2005

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