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To open or unwrap a very rare item from its original packaging, use it for a ridiculously short amount of time, only to end up selling it at greatly decreased value.
Chris Brevarded all the brand new, still-in-box Star Wars toys he found last week at a garage sale.
by KidFrisco August 05, 2011
v. Taking the wrapper off of a rare, hard to find bat, taking a few swings with it, and then deciding to sell it.
DUDE, don't Brevard it!
by krunchyfrogg August 05, 2011
Where I live! Brevard North Carolina. Also see b-town. A little bitty redneck town in the mountains in western north carolina. Theres more rednecks there then there is in Rosman.
If you live in brevard or rosman vote for this definition!
by SexyBeast May 20, 2004
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