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The search engine of choice for residents of Mudge C1 at Carnegie Mellon University. Initially a term used to describe the amazing informational search capabilities of Brent, a freshman residing on the floor. Any question that arose in conversation was answered in a flash. Residents soon began to bring their more serious informational dilemmas to Brent. If the answer was out there, Brent could find it. Amazed by his mad skillz, fellow residents Jen and Liz coined the term and encouraged Brent to develop the idea. Slogans arose and word of Brentsearch spread. Initially all queries had to be taken to Brent in person. Then one fateful night in December 2004, over winter break, Brentsearch was born! In its infant stages it featured searches for Google, Interned Movie Database, and Wikipedia. Mirriam Webster OnLine and a link to get Mozilla Firefox (Brent's web browser of choice) were soon added. Future features may include a way to send questions directly to Brent for his personal care. When asked to describe his creation Brent responded, "it's the greatest invention in the history of hypertext." So join the revolution and get Brentsearhing.
Search it the right way. BrentSearch it.
by Jen December 29, 2004
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