brenden is a non caring self sentered son of a bitch.
(girl)-i cant believe she died
(boy)-whatever, not like we knew them
by *sarahh August 25, 2008
Top Definition
A Brenden is a person who doesn't quite know what he wants, but once he figures it out he fights till the end to get it. Brenden is a great friend because he is trustworthy and he keeps secrets and promises. He will always be there to talk to or to hold you when you need a hug. Brenden is always the fun of the party and he will always keep you laughing. He knows exactly want to say at the right times, and he doesn't see how amazing he is. Brenden thinks of himself as less then average when really he is so much more.
Brenden is the love of my life.
by IAmBabs January 15, 2010
An awesome fun loving english/irish gentlemen. The most perfect person in the world. Give him anything to do and he will do it perfectly. This person is STRONG beyond recongnition. HE MAKES VIN DIESEL LOOK LIKE A BITCH@!! A charmer, a ladies man at birth. Women lining up for miles to FUCK HIM AT AS A CHILD! MALES ASK BUT BRENDEN SAYS FUCK NO!!!!! The best athlete ever to step on the earth. Good at tennis,snowboarding,basketball,and football. DONT FUCK WITH THIS GUY! P.S. all brendens are funny get used to it and shut the fuck up :D AND DEAD SEXY
any #1 athlete, there name might be federer or nadal or shawn white... but no its not THEY LIE, its BRENDEN
by ELITE KING/SPARTAN BRENDEN D.B September 07, 2009
1. really fast, usually used to describe a car.
That McLaren F1 is brenden! It can lap an F1 car
by 5'1"Racer May 22, 2004
Someone who lives in Canada. Has a best friend named Brodo. His girlfriend absolutely loves him. He is thee cutest person in Canada. A million love songs couldn't describe how much Misty needs him :)
Every moment he they are together is another moment that she can't stand to be without him.
Brenden is amazing.
by Khyrelli July 24, 2011
My love! The hottest man in the world who lives in CA. who also happens to have the best fan club in the whole world!!
Casey and Sammi love Brenden.
Brenden is Caseys' love!
by Casey and Sammi April 09, 2004
the love of my life, the one i cherish, and hes loved so much by nicole which is mwa, kay well he lives far away from me, but i still love him wiht my heart adn so much more, adn idk i hope he has the feeling to just go look up his name on urbandictionary and find my definition becuase i love him wiht all my heart adn i know i fucked up but im so happy your still wiht me 11.15.07<3
nicole and brenden forever<3
my love for life, brenden
untill the end of time brenden i love you
by nicoleandbrenden January 02, 2008
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