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Someone who lights up an entire room when they enter, always has a smile on her face and can always make everyone laugh even when she doesnt mean too. An extremly fun person to hang with. Breena's are the perfect daughters, friends, sisters, girlfriends, and mothers. Just an all around great person.
Person 1 " I wish I could hang out with her."
Person 2 "Yeah, shes a Breena for sure!"
by chiefs69 September 06, 2010
Breena is a girl who is amazingly beautiful but doesn't know it, and has the smile that can light up the room. She's very athletic and can do anything she puts her mind to, she has NO limitations. Her body is amazing as well as her personality. You can compliment her all day but she probably won't believe you. She may not be brilliant but the things she does know, she knows them very well. For example she doesn't know Andy is meant for her in every way. He's her best friend, soulmate, and everything in between. Andy will always be there to make her smile shine brighter than anything else, because one day that smile will shine just for him.
I wish I could be Andy's Breena.
by SomethingGoodWillWork February 12, 2013
A female, average height, cheerleader, brown hair, a Judy's best friend
oh look it's Breena! She must be friends with a Judy!
by Anonymous[; November 05, 2011
Someone who thinks they are the bee's knees but are definitely not, also likes to talk loud in hallways just to be rude. This person would definitely not be considered cool even by the lowest of standards.
Person 1: "Did you see that uncool person?
Person 2: "Yeah she was a breena for sure!"
by chiefsfan16 August 24, 2010
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