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Breedism is to judge a dog based on its breed and not on it's own history, behavior, or personality. Breedism is equal to racism, just people to animals and not people to people. Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) is a form of Breedism in our own Government.
Breedism is to look upon a dog and say it is dangerous because of what it is. Until you actually see it be dangerous or aggressive is to judge without right. Same as saying because someone is of a certain race they fall into a specific category. Such as they are illegal, lazy, stupid, or dangerous because of their race and not who they are.
by ARK1977 January 23, 2013
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Some dumbass word that the stupid, tree-hugging fags at PETA like to use. It's kind of like racism, but in terms of animals.
Normal Person: I want a German Shepherd.


Normal Person: The idea of breedism is fucking stupid. Animals are not people. Please stop fucking your dog and go outside.
by Laughingstr8tothebank October 23, 2013
When a pet is chosen from a breeder or a pet shop because of it's breed, instead of from a pound or homeless shelter. Each time an act of breedism occurs, it, in turn, causes animal to die because an animal was adopted from a breeder instead, and there isn't enough room in the shelters for every animal that isn't adopted. Breedism is like, what racism is from one human to another, but from humans to animals. Like humans, animals should not be judged on their race/breed. Buying animals is killing animals.
Norrow-minded, breedist pet owner: "Just because I baught my pet/s from a breeder , doesn't mean I'm breedist! I just had to have a poodle, nothing else would do!"
Intelligent, compassionate person: "Actually, that is almost the exact deffinition of breedism"
Narrow-minded, breedist pet owner: "But it's not my fault those dogs are homeless, I wasn't the one who abandoned them"
Intellegent, compassionate person: "So, does that mean, because it's not my fault there are starving children in the world, should I refuse to give money to charity?"
Narrow-minded, breedist pet owner: *speachless, for they have just been, as the young folk would say, owned*
by VeganGirltotheRescue:D October 09, 2009

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