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Breauna's are as beautiful as unicorns. When she smiles it's like when the sun comes up and everything is bright and lovely. Breauna's have great personalities. They often can be spotted in their natural habitiats, drinking tea and listening to music. Sometimes, they like to draw. Sometimes, they like to sing christmas music. Breauna's are pale and perfect human beings exept sometimes they don't like being pale, which is ridiculous. When Breauna's are intoxicated, they laugh alot and are generally really funny. The end.
Guy 1: Woah, dude. Look at that creature in the coffee shop window. She's so pretty and pale!

Guy 2: Dang, I bet her name is Breauna! I wanna sing christmas carols to her! She looks so cute in her christmas sweater!

Guy 1: Yeah dude I know!!! I'm gunna ask her out before you can neener nenner neeener!!
by Katttttt56 December 01, 2012
Nothing going for her in life. A complete failure in life. Someone that is completly rude and anal. Also looks like a butch lesbian.
Ugh you are gonna be a breauna when you grow up.
by Jack852 January 25, 2012
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