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Having large or otherwise attractive breasts, making a woman breastigious.
That woman has some serious breastige.

I attend only the most breastigious universities.
by InfrequentWorder September 13, 2008
A mix of the word "breast" and "prestige"... Girls with good-looking breasts hold a higher status among their fellow females, thereby having breastige, or being breastigious.
You haven't seen her before? She has a lot of breastige around town.

Man, look at that chick... Serious breastige right there!

I attend only the most breastigious universities.
by definer2468 October 27, 2008
The increased popularity (prestige) experienced by women with large breasts.
She became the most popular girl in school once her breastige factored into the equation.
by Tymme May 24, 2007
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