The most perfect and amazing girl a man could get. She is worht the wait and you will be the happiest you have been when you finally get her. She is funny, nice and looking her best, she is the most beautiful girl you will know. A Girl you will fall in love with and think about her all the time. Hanging out with her is the best part of anyday even if you just drive around. But she is stubborn when it comes to arguments but you will still love her. a perfect 10.
Girl: Geez how can you be dating breanna, she is a 10 and you arent.
Guy: im just lucky
by Doctor Drold January 21, 2012
The most beautiful girl ever. She is sexy and hot. She's a very successful person in life. She doesn't let anybody tell her who she is. She has the definition of true beauty. If you get the chance to date a Breanna, don't let her go. She has flaws, but she embraces them. She will amaze you so much with her beauty. She is almost perfect. She is beautiful from the inside and outside. she is so gorgeous...its unreal.
Friend-who are you dating?

Guy-im dating a BREANNA, so so hot & sexy. You should date a BREANNA too. Their very rare to find though.

Friend-Dam, you are so lucky man.
by bitchesaredumb293 December 17, 2011
Smart, cocky girl who doesn't take no shit from nobody. Has been known to read history books for fun. Strange girl... kinda of a loner... She always is thinking about something. Brown hair, tall, Blue eyes, rather attractive, very sarcastic... likes violence.
Random Chick: Your friend over there must have been hit with an ugly stick... multiple times. hahaha
The Breanna: Bitch dont go there... ( beats random chick to pulp)
by lionking88 December 06, 2010

A girl who can't be defined.

She gets hurt a lot and hides the pain. She may seem like the bad guy but she's usually the victim... She is a beautiful girl who doesn't always feel pretty and gets judged a lot! Breannas' are smart, athletic girls who stand up for what they believe in, even if their standing alone. Typically a daddy's girl who everyone secretly likes but isn't really her friends.

So even if Breannas' can't be defined, they all have stories.
by •anonymous• October 10, 2013
A smart, beautiful girl, who doesn't realize the beauty she possesses. Has a lot of friends she will confide in, & lots of friends who will confide in her. Loves learning new things... But doesn't love school. Usually pretty terrible at math beyond an 8th grade level. Loves to change her appearance, by dying her hair, getting new piercings, etc, but doesn't go too far. A great listener, & gives great advice.. but can't follow it. Falls in love easily, but only truly loves ONE person. Can be a bit of a flirt, but she isn't a whore. She will hide her emotions to protect other's happiness. Not athletic... Actually, she's pretty clumsy. Loves to cuddle & kiss. Very romantic. Has an amazing singing voice, but isn't confident enough to show others.
Guy #1 : Dude, I wish I could date Breanna.
Guy #2 : Yeah, me too... But she has a boyfriend, & she said she really loves him.
Guy #1 : -laughs- So?
Guy #3 : She won't cheat, bro. Besides, she's out of your league.
beauty smart talented
by TurtleLover_Erbala February 04, 2013
Breanna is the nicest, most beautiful girl anyone could ever get with. She's short and hates it, but that's what makes her adorable and loved. She has great friends that always look out for her. She has dirty blonde hair, about five feet one inch and has the prettiest Hazel eyes. Most Breanna's have a southern accent that make them stick out, and their giggle is down right adorable. She dislikes fighting, and would do anything to make it stop. Not really sure of herself at time, but she has the most amazing man in her life to bring her back to reality. She's funny, outgoing, but usually puts on a fake smile unless she's around that someone. Breanna's are fighters who take shit from no one, and will stand up for their selves. They are very fragile and don't like being hurt, they cry easily and it's hard to make them happy. If you make a Breanna happy. Don't ruin it, for she may never come back again.
"Dude.. You got a Breanna? How? They're usually emo"
"Don't say that about her. No one understands her like I do."
by BappersMcBapping January 25, 2013
Down to earth girl; the one who takes no bullshit from anybody; the one who speaks her mind upon everything; she's quite /shy at first but once you get to know her she won't be; she's beautiful ; she will ride for you If you riding for her, it's only right in her mind; very intelligence;all she think about is making money;shoe game decent asf ; she's the one your boyfriend be textinn.
Breanna's money is her life
by Breshee October 26, 2013

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