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Breanna is the nicest, most beautiful girl anyone could ever get with. She's short and hates it, but that's what makes her adorable and loved. She has great friends that always look out for her. She has dirty blonde hair, about five feet one inch and has the prettiest Hazel eyes. Most Breanna's have a southern accent that make them stick out, and their giggle is down right adorable. She dislikes fighting, and would do anything to make it stop. Not really sure of herself at time, but she has the most amazing man in her life to bring her back to reality. She's funny, outgoing, but usually puts on a fake smile unless she's around that someone. Breanna's are fighters who take shit from no one, and will stand up for their selves. They are very fragile and don't like being hurt, they cry easily and it's hard to make them happy. If you make a Breanna happy. Don't ruin it, for she may never come back again.
"Dude.. You got a Breanna? How? They're usually emo"
"Don't say that about her. No one understands her like I do."
by BappersMcBapping January 25, 2013
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