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When your dancing and (usually a black person or the PCD) start shaking thier booty and chest together and moving your arms horizontally forward and back towards your chest
"Dude, the music video for the pussycat dolls is amazing!"

"Cheaaa their totally breaking it down there"
by Andrea Pittzz December 11, 2008
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A act of dumbing down a sentance for someone with less knowledge than yourself. Making your words sound less smart, for someone else to understand.
Guy: Thats sounds extravagant, and has me flabbergasted.
Idiot: Umm what?
Guy: *sigh* Thats totally cool, I am all like WOW.
Idiot: Oh, thanks for Breaking it down.
by LynnLu April 10, 2009
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My friend, Zola's word meaning "homosexual intercourse." One day, she saw breakdancers and she asked, "So do you guys break it down a lot?" and they replied, "Uh-huh girlfriend! All day, all night!" She stood there thinking, "Wow, you guys must be gay."
Dude: Would you like to break it down with me today? We have fingers so that could help!
Man Whore: Oh yes, that would be super. Shall we break it down now or later?
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Definition #1: When a person is feeling the song and dancing dancing either vigorously or in high energy/intensity choreographed number. The skill with which the person is dancing is usually unexpected.

Definition #2: The part of a song that has been remixed. For example the part of a remixed retro song when the original portion starts playing like it's skipping and switches to a bass heavy, hip hop flavored version.
*Hip hop remix comes on and white girl starts dancing*
Black person: "Dang, look at white girl breaking it down!"
by Dann326 June 14, 2016
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