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Another failed attempt at pop rock. People complained Grunge wasn't real rock, now we have a tool mimic on our hands. I only listened to this band, because Billy Corgan cowrote a few songs. If you're looking for some minor talent, I suggest Britney Spears or 50 Cent over this shit any day. And to the dork who robbed his name from FFVII, and not to mention his little brothers anal virginity, obviously you had to have been in touch with the mainstream to have ever heard of Breaking Benjamin in the first place, you fuckin' hypocrite. It's about time to grow up and quit classifying yourself as a rebel, or hasn't your crotch fuzz finished growing in yet?
Lonely Goth Boy Rufus Shinra: Hey guys! Breaking Benjamin's cool!
Some Random Football Jock: That guy's wearin' lipstick! GET 'EM!
by Whothefuckcares December 11, 2004
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