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A bread box is the sexual act of shoving a rolled up slice of natural home-made bread inside your partners vagina, allowing her juices to soak into the bread, while at the same time jerking the bread back and forth to pleasure her, then pulling out the bread and eating it.
I built a time machine, then went back in time and gave Marylin Monroe a bread box.
by LuigiXmission.420 September 20, 2010
A woman's vagina, especially during a vaginal yeast infection. (So called because of yeast's role in baking bread.)

Synonym: bakery.
Related term: yeef.
Jeanette's cooch was so rank and yeasty, it smelled like a breadbox down there.
by fauxbourdon December 07, 2005
Slang for "yeast infection".
I haven't had sex with my girl in over a week. She has a wicked case of bread box.
by ibs2pid March 03, 2014
While having sex you purposely slip out of the vagina into the rectum. After you are inside the rectum you quickly pull out and re-insert yourself into the vagina causing a soon to come yeast infection.
During break up sex with my girlfriend I bread boxed her
by T-Ben June 24, 2009
A vagina used that is commonly used.
wow, close your legs! Your breadbox smells!
by Ali July 18, 2004
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