breads used for making explosives
Mike: <BOOM> ouch
by Mark October 26, 2003
Nigga that shit is like soul food. Damn it good every time no matter what. Dat shit is some finger lickin good bread. You know what i mean? That shit was like goldfish on toast when she cut it into slices man. Grilled cheese is good too!
Nigga get yo bread off my couch, and take the plate out of your goat.

My bread got loafed out back and then i took it out back and raped it like a manatee.

After devouring an entire loaf of freash baked bread, Jonquil proceeded to have the most intense breadgasm of her intire life.
by Pablo McGowann April 29, 2007
when something is cool, or awesome.
Andrews new shirt is totally bread!
by Elisa willy August 20, 2006
Getting oral sex from a woman
"Give me my bread bitch"
by Does it really matter? July 02, 2003
the sound kc laccarubba makes when i slap her bitch ass!
alana-kc i hate you "slap"
Kc- BREAD!!!! that shit hurts
alana-shut up before i do it again
by bobo the talking clown April 11, 2004
A person or someone that being used. For sex, companionship, money or materialistic things.
Yo alex is my Bread.
So who's your Bread.
by Anonymous August 09, 2003
A blunt or ducth;rolling paper
Yo you got some bread to roll this in.
by Angelface June 03, 2003
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