breads used for making explosives
Mike: <BOOM> ouch
by Mark October 26, 2003
Often made of flour and water. Many eat it for breakfast and as an accompaning part of a meal. Often eaten with butter, and sometimes cheese on top.

Comes in both darker and lighter models.
Man, I love bread. It's so tasty! Unfortunately it's dry without butter on top, though.
by PlentyofLingon June 02, 2010
When someone has dreads, but they are balding as well. This invariably leads to a poor cosmetic outcome, the wearer usually looks like a washed up hippie yoga instructor.
Andy: Did you see Mike? I haven't seen him in a while, his dreads have really started turning into breads. It looks horrid.

Pok: Ouch-at some point, you gotta let go of Jamacia, and say hello to middle age.
by schmuckaneers August 24, 2009
A word used to describe someone with dreads and a beard.
Dude, check out that guys breads.

Holy, that guy has mad bread.
by staniel March 10, 2008
Bread often useful for breaking tension amongst strangers. Discovered by Professor Mark Newman of yeast and wheat ltd.
(group of people sat in a room, two minute deeply icy silence)
Person 1: Who likes bread?
(Conversation soon starts over bread topics)

I like bread!
by Jrockygogo September 19, 2011
where you feel so intoxicated that you end up blacking out for several hours, and wake up not knowing what has happened, possibly in your own puke.
Melissa: Joe you're pretty shit faced, you should eat some bread.

Joe: I feel bread.
by shmoe the cracker December 14, 2010
Money, currency etc.

Derived from the British Cockney Rhyming slang phrase "Bread'n'honey" which was code for money.
ohh poppy cock! I haven't got any bread.
by manicmare August 27, 2009
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