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The act of sitting down at a restaurant, eating all the bread from the basket, and leaving the restaurant without ordering.

This is sometimes done intentionally, and other times with previous intentions of ordering a full meal.
Ex. 1:
Dave: "I'm hungry. Want to go get some food?"

Mike: "Same here, but I didn't bring my wallet."

Dave: "Me neither. Let's just make a bread run at that Italian place down the street."

Ex. 2:

Larry: "This restaurant looked good, but now I can see it's just a tourist trap."

Michelle: "At least the bread is good. Let's just make a quick bread run and find another place."
by Ju1ia April 26, 2010
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A workout consisting of running to the Great Harvest bread store and getting a free slice of bread. Also known as a BRs.
Dude, wanna go on a bread run? I'm really hungry.
by STDMFN November 08, 2009

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