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Bread Bowl (noun) When you pull your rod out of some Xena's cunny and blast your man goo in her belly button. The full belly button acts as a bread bowl.

Second example:

Bread Bowl (noun) During the act of self-pleasure, you shoot you baby batter on your gut and fill your bee-bo full of jizz.
When I was pounding my ol' lady, I decided to treat her to a delicious bread bowl full of my special sauce.
by The Real Coach Jay February 25, 2010
The sick and twisted yet highly entertaining act of barfing in a female's vagina then fingering her.
I ruined a set of sheets after I gave Suzie a bread bowl last night.
by Gul Kr3w December 25, 2007
When you're desperate to smoke some bud but you just broke your glass bowl, what do you do? Make one out of bread. Easily done by forming a small piece of bread over the end of a pen or pencil. Try it sometime, you may be surprised.
A: Damn I'm so high. And get this, I just smoked out of a bread bowl!
B: whaaaaat, how the hell does that work? I just use some foil.
A: I didn't feel like poisoning myself so I made a bowl out of bread. Besides, aluminum tastes like shit, but who doesn't like bread!?
B: Genious.
by WhiteRhino420 March 25, 2009

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