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Braydin's are often handsome men with big hearts and kind personalities when they let you into their lives, they are shy at first but very outgoing once you get to know them. Braydin's often tend to go after blond/brown haired women and fall easily for them, they tend to like the colours blue, green or grey and have amazing smiles. Braydin's are very likeable unless you get on their bad side, then they can be really rude. Never break the heart of a Braydin because you will regret it greatly. They are great lovers and make the perfect husbands, girls should go after a Braydin whenever they get the chance. Braydin's tend to be very popular and very strong muscular men.
"Oh my god Braydin asked me out!" "Wow! That's amazing, I wish I had a man like Braydin!"
by TheWomanOfYourDreams August 16, 2013
a character that does not wear pants while claiming that he does indeed wear pants.

He is such a Braydin in that dress.
by Anonymous February 10, 2003
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