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Playing Super Smash Brothers Brawl for so many hours that your hands and controller get sweaty and disgusting. When touching the controller again, your hands will get sweaty twice as fast as before.
Person A: "Hey why are your hands so wet?"
Person B: "I've got Brawl Hands."

Person A: "The controller is so hard to grip."
Person B: "Sorry, it's because of my Brawl Hands."
by flying idiots November 27, 2008
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While and after playing brawl. When your hands become super wet and clammy.
Person A: "Dude you need lube?"
Person B: "Na, I got Brawl Hands!"

Person A: "WTF IS THAT!!"
Person B: "Oh, that's cancer"
Person B: "Oh, that's brawl hands"
by a1exxxxxxx December 17, 2008
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