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A woman who takes the virginity of multiple men, sometimes by the dozen. She thrives on weak virgins, achieving satisfaction only upon their pre-mature ejaculation. Often found dwelling in religious institutions such as Sunday school, churches and temples of worship.
Dude 1: I heard Stacy was easy.
Dude 2: Yea dude, shes a virgin goblin.

Bro 1: I really need to get laid, i cant die a virgin.
Bro 2: Go to Stacy, shes a virgin goblin.

Dude 1: So did we all get laid this summer?
Dude 2: Yea!
Dude 3: Yupp!
Dude 4: FUCK YEA!
Dude 1: Stacy doesn't count, shes a virgin goblin.
Dude 2, 3, and 4: fuck...
by a1exxxxxxx July 31, 2009
While and after playing brawl. When your hands become super wet and clammy.
Person A: "Dude you need lube?"
Person B: "Na, I got Brawl Hands!"

Person A: "WTF IS THAT!!"
Person B: "Oh, that's cancer"
Person B: "Oh, that's brawl hands"
by a1exxxxxxx December 17, 2008
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