To 'Brass' a mutha-fucka is too shoot someone.
Military jargon based on the bullet casings.
Common in Australian military, but also commonly used on the street
"I'm gunna brass this little bitch."
by Diego August 17, 2003
Verb (inf. to brass) To get stoned. Adj. Brassed: stoned. Rhyming slang from "Blazin'" to "Brazen," brazen meaning made of brass.
"I'm still a little burnt out from when me and my friends got brassed the other night"
by Pinko Man Whore October 11, 2004
When you take a shit and it burns for the whole fuckin day
Pete: Dude what's wrong with you? You've been walkin funny all day.

Spence: Guy, I've had brass all day... give me a fuckin break!
#d #r #u #n #k
by Splancer January 02, 2007
a vibrator. not dildo 'cause a vibrator is made of metal
so what if i call myself ass???
you fucked yourself with a brass
by Nathan September 06, 2004
(n.) Losers who are too whimpy to stick a reed in their mouth and bite down while they play for long hours until they develope a crease on the inside of their lips; also people who can't handle playing with more than 3 keys because they're too damn lazy to memorize and learn more then that.

(v.) A way to describe someone who is full of crap
(n.) I thought he was cool. But then I found out he played brass.

(v.) He's so brass.
by DemonicSax June 25, 2004
a. A pathetic kid that doesn't know how to do anything for him self.
b. A retard who takes everything to the heart.
c. A crybaby.
Brass: I need Tank!
You: No, i'v already tanked you alot. you're on your own this time.
Brass: OMG, you never do anything for me!.
You: Quit being an ass and grow up.
Brass: No, i don't know how! *crys* u suck, don't ever talk to me again!
by -Rei February 14, 2004
One who takes pleasure in the sexual admiration of Christina Aguilera.
BURHA I just OWNED that dude .. It must be BrasS
by Archibald June 04, 2003
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