Verb (inf. to brass) To get stoned. Adj. Brassed: stoned. Rhyming slang from "Blazin'" to "Brazen," brazen meaning made of brass.
"I'm still a little burnt out from when me and my friends got brassed the other night"
by Pinko Man Whore October 11, 2004
When you take a shit and it burns for the whole fuckin day
Pete: Dude what's wrong with you? You've been walkin funny all day.

Spence: Guy, I've had brass all day... give me a fuckin break!
by Splancer January 02, 2007
(n.) Losers who are too whimpy to stick a reed in their mouth and bite down while they play for long hours until they develope a crease on the inside of their lips; also people who can't handle playing with more than 3 keys because they're too damn lazy to memorize and learn more then that.

(v.) A way to describe someone who is full of crap
(n.) I thought he was cool. But then I found out he played brass.

(v.) He's so brass.
by DemonicSax June 25, 2004
a. A pathetic kid that doesn't know how to do anything for him self.
b. A retard who takes everything to the heart.
c. A crybaby.
Brass: I need Tank!
You: No, i'v already tanked you alot. you're on your own this time.
Brass: OMG, you never do anything for me!.
You: Quit being an ass and grow up.
Brass: No, i don't know how! *crys* u suck, don't ever talk to me again!
by -Rei February 14, 2004
a vibrator. not dildo 'cause a vibrator is made of metal
so what if i call myself ass???
you fucked yourself with a brass
by Nathan September 06, 2004
One who takes pleasure in the sexual admiration of Christina Aguilera.
BURHA I just OWNED that dude .. It must be BrasS
by Archibald June 04, 2003
A person who is good at everything he does.
Rob wish he could be a BrasS but he's hasu.
by J N June 06, 2003

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