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A great guy with many talents and lots of ambitions. He has girls falling at his feet if he likes you back, you are the luckiest girl alive. He will flatter you and he couldn't be more true. He is also the hottest guy with great hair and gorgeous eyes. Goes great with someone whose name starts with "R". A lot of people think that he is annoying, but the right girls think that he is amazing.
Is that (insert name of currently popular boy band here)?!?! No. That's just Brannon...;)
#annoying #charming #blondie #ratchet #hottie
by EmilyKase November 10, 2014
A scouser term for failure. in the olden days in liverpool when a couple mated out of wedlock and if the coupling is fruitful and produces a male bastard offspring, it is named Brannon.
James my ass! you're a brannon if i ever saw one!

you're such a worrywort! stop being such a brannon!
#bastard #scouser #british #sex #child
by junkyville November 09, 2007
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