Branks Is A Word Used By The Broad Street Bullies To Put An Exclamation Mark At The End Of Your Sentence.
Such As.... "Your A Bitch...Branks!!!"
by Robert Ambrose May 11, 2008
A combination of the words bro and tank. It is a tank top worn by males that shows of the muscles they have.
Bro #1: Hey bro, nice tank! Have you been working out?

Bro #2: Its called a brank and yes I have bro! Thanks for checking my body and my clothes out!
by Abro2010 June 26, 2011
To eat extremely slowly, frequently causing others to wait while you finish your meal.
God its annoying when Adam branks
by Alan Ambrose June 11, 2006
To own somebody with such force it is comparable to being a subject of bukkake.
Guy #1: I totally owned this noob in Brawl with Sonic!

Guy #2: BRANK!!!
by HL2HouseMD March 30, 2008
When somebody uses a melee attack with a weapon in the game "Halo", or "Halo 2", for the Xbox.
"Stay there, and I'll brank you with this rocket launcher."
by Pomato September 16, 2006
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