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The most amazing guy on the entire planet. Hot, loyal, hardworking, and oh so caring! You will never meet a more genuine person. The most hypnotizing eyes! And if you date him hold on for dear life because he is a keeper!
He is perfection. He is Brandyn
#boyfriend #hot #lover #sexy #man
by loveforeverandever October 28, 2012
Unique, Unusual, and completely outside the norm.
That Guy Has Got To Be Brandyn, He's Out There!
#weird #crazy #fun #boring #uninteresting
by Figgy Pie August 25, 2008
An incredible structured man with a god like physique with a toned body that makes woman wet on sight.
Wow, is this Brandyn or am i in heaven.
#hot #attractive #sexy #stud #godly
by giojgiop February 18, 2015
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