Down right most mesmerizing girl you will meet! Very pleasing on the eyes, perfect body bodacious boobs, round bum, hourglass figure. loves her hair, normally green eyes, on the shorter side. Brandi's are committed. Are very romantic and in long relationships. Any guy would be lucky to catch a brandi. Brandi's are very judged based upon their looks. Many many many girls are jealous. But guys love a Brandi! Brandi's the type of girl who's the definition of perfection!
Wow did you see that body! That must be a brandi!
by Hockeyman30 January 19, 2014
She's this cute light skinned girl with an amazing personality, she's comical and adorable and she always has something nice to say, amd shes the most fine wine ever 😁.
"Bruh... Brandi got me feeling some type of way."
"I wish I could go on a date with Brandi"
"Dude have you seen how pretty Brandi is today?"
by pheoniqx August 23, 2014
A Brandi is a very down to earth girl. She loves alcohol and partying with her friends. A Brandi doesn't care what others think and doesn't have a filter. When a Brandi falls in love she falls in love hard and will give you her all. Brandis are unique people with a unique personality and can usually make you laugh without any effort but be careful because when you make a Brandi mad you might as well of released hell's wrath. A Brandi is a loyal friend to have and will do anything for people she cares about. Anyone who catches a Brandi should consider themselves lucky.
Whoa did you see that Brandi over there she's gorgeous.
by ayeyooogurllll December 28, 2014
A Brandi is a really beautiful girl. She pays attention to her friends in need and cares a lot about them. Brandi's have really cute eyes and a smile. She loves her friends so much and is a nice person to joke around with. Brandi is the best girl you will ever meet and won't get bored of her.
"Have you met Brandi yet?"
"Yeah! She's a blast!"
by AnonymousPerson2169 December 28, 2014
A beautiful girl that is Smart, Kind Compassionate, has a great sence of humer, a big flirt, likes to tease around, they're fun to be around and chill with, has beautiful big brown eyes, they plz with their hair,everyone likes her but it sucks most wen she is with someone and it's not u, she will always make u happy wen ur around her.
boy 1.:I'm so jealous tht jack is dating Brandi she is just too good for him
boy 2: I feel u man
by it's all tru May 03, 2015
The act of charming and wooing opponents, with both demeanor and lust provoking attire, as a means of manipulation and distraction during competitive sport.

(Origin of the word is derived from the ever devious pro poker player, Brandi Hawbaker (a.k.a. the "Paris Hilton of Poker"). Notorious for her scandalous behaviour and revealing apparel.)
Despite Mike and Jake's attempts to brandi themselves during the beach volleyball tournament their team failed to win. Little did they know, the beautiful ladies they were playing against were all lesbians.

by Ariel Agassi August 11, 2007
A gorgeous girl who has a bald spot
Brandi is hot. I like balding women.
by Bigboy1 July 11, 2014

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