probably the best friend you will ever ask for. wierd but the good kind of wierd. gorgeous girl with blue eyes. unique. GREAT IN BEDDDD. hottest mother fucker you'll meet. she's short. she's a slut. she likes wierd foods. doesnt except dicks under 9 inches.

also, term used for a large ass.
dayummmm boyyyy, did you see the brandi on that hoe?!
by baddest bitch in louisiana. August 15, 2008
A tubby female that allows men to fart in her face while giving them head
The other night I brandied in my Chics face while she was sucking me off.
by Willc August 29, 2013
A girl who poops a lot. She hates on men and loves women, even though she says she isn't a lesbian. After four beers, she's completely "Gone". Has a small butt and wears scrunchies to bed. Has the best friends in the world. Like's when people blow in her face, and also likes girls by the name of Heather to wear low-cut shirts.
"Brandi why do you wear a scrunchie to bed?"
by brandifan November 29, 2011
one who is quite tall, & thinks she is funny. but she is not. everyone picks on her because she is easy to pick on & doesn't fight back. she also tends to be a pussy. no one likes her, & she is haunted by the one called Jigsaw.

& she is a slave to a master named Sydney.
sydney: hey, have you seen my slave?
ashley: oh, you mean brandi?
sydney: yes, i do.
ashley: oh, she's over there trying to be funny.
by abadassmotherfucker May 02, 2011
when you mess up your words
and things come out of your mouth wrong.
girl: "i get beards stuck in my ear!"
girl: "wait! I meant beads!"
guy: what a brandi.
by killer_ants_yo August 15, 2007
The biggest slut you'll ever meet. Fake from top to bottom. Never trust a brandi. Hold onto your boyfriend or she'll fuck him. biggest low life, wannabe bitch you'll ever meet dont ever trust a brandi.
by myop February 09, 2010
1) The demonstration of extreme tallness.

2) The act or being extremely tall
1) That girl is like a giraffe! She's BRANDI!
by Little Lee June 07, 2007

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