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A girl with an unnaturally large forehead who normally comes from the west midlands area of england.
Person1:OMG! your foreheads massive
Person2:must be a braithwaite
by 12INCHER January 12, 2013
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A Braithwaite is a seclude person, often only venturing into sunlight when urged on by family and friends. They are not fans of this 'socialising' and prefer to sit in their natural environment, the bedroom.More then often, a braithwaite is from a European or Slovakian country, such as Poland, Denmark or Bulgaria. If encountered, do not act surprised on how you have actually met a braithwaite, as not a lot of people are fortunate enough to meet one in their lifetime and it may make him feel pressured and force him back into the shadows.
Guy 1: Wheres Tony today?

Guy 2: Ha he's being a braithwaite today!
by Makingsense May 30, 2013
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Someone who thinks soccer is a manly game and that American football is for pussies. Someone who thinks BJ's are for giving, not receiving and that it is better to get a dick up the butt rather than give a dick up the butt. Someone who thinks that a kick-slide is better than a kick off. Someone who thinks that a goalie is more athletic than a middle linebacker. Can usually be spotted by his Canadian accent, his fruity prancing, and would rather spend time with Roger Hazard than Tanya Memme.


Robert: “I think that Beckham fellow is rather cute in his soccer uniform and will do just ducky in making soccer a huge success in America”.

Karl: “Damn, you are such a Braithwaite”.

Example 2:

Robert: "Beckham will become the highest paid sports player in America."

Chet: "And he's a Braithwaite because he plays soccer."
by Karl Brady January 24, 2007
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