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Like a typo, but in real life.

A braino normally comes in the form of words or parts of words being missed out or swapped around when somebody is speaking, often completely altering the meaning of what the person said.

When it occurs, the culprit normally doesn't notice they did it until a few seconds later, and often not until it is too late.
"I'm feeling fine and walking the dog" becomes "I'm walking fine and feeling the dog"

(A simple but often devastating one...) "I wouldn't like that" becomes "I would like that"

"I sat by the shore" becomes "I shat by the sore"
by Huruey May 02, 2010
What you need to remove something nasty you just saw or heard that's stopping up your brain.
Dude, pass the Braino -- I just watched the Cup Chicks and I can't it out of my head.
by Sher LeScott and Robin Rotham March 03, 2008
A insulting and degrading word which should only be used in the most extreme of circumstances. Although this word is thrown about loosely by lyle and lolic
"You're such a braino"
by Lyle August 21, 2004
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