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An educational Nintendo DS game developed by a Japanese doctor named Ryuta Kawashima. It has various daily training programs that help you 'train your brain' and tips to improve your brain capacity. You can also take the 'Brain Age Test' which tells you how active you are of a thinker, 20 being ideal and 80 being the worst. Ryuta is the host in the form of a virtual floating head on the side screen, and is known to refrence the 'prefrontal cortex' quite a bit.
Brain Age:

Ryuta- Now here's a fun brain tip! Simulating daily routines can help activate your prefrontal cortex!
by Aspirations January 11, 2009

Meaning intelligence. Made popular by the comedy duo Lano & Woodley.
Lano- "...My wallet went down in the plane, jees, get a bit of brainage"
by Jaq_Shawty March 15, 2009
brain fluids inside of your brain
the brainage of Albert Einstein was blowing me away!
by IDKWOWAWESOME! July 22, 2015
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