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To take a 4 wheel drive vehicle into muddy, rocky, or mountainous terrain. Also may be used for simple instances such as driving up a curb. Synonomous with four-wheeling.
"Let's take the truck and go braffing at Cougar Mountain!"

"He just braffed up that curb!"

"I want to go braff up that hill."
by Inkabod November 30, 2011
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(Verb)- to BRaff- (Pron. Be-Raff) To take a self-shot photograph, face-down, on a less-than cozy surface, such as the floor of a bar, concrete, or dog shit.

The act of putting the drunkest possible side of your face down on a surface of your surroundings and taking a self-pic.
Did you fucking see Eddy braffing in the middle of the floor at the bar? Kids shotttttttttt.
by seanjohngacy February 08, 2013
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When you float off into your own little world fantasizing, after anybody says something that would cause you to think about in depth. This term is used to relate to the main character of the TV show Scrubs; John Dorian (played by Zach Braff).
J.D.: Where ya goin?

Kim: oh i was just gunna walk around... why, where do you go when you soul search?

(J.D. has a flashback to himself sitting on a girly unicorn named Justin, or in other words Braffing)

J.D.: I go to some place wonderful.
by J to the gangsta G skillet August 25, 2010
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