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Braeton's are huge sweet-hearts. Some can be insecure, but some aren't. It just depends. Braeton's are brave, but don't realize it. Yet, when it comes to girls they can be very shy. If you get to know a Braeton, don't let him out of your sight. He'll be an amazing best friend, and/or boyfriend.
A Braeton may yell something very stupid when an important person is walking by.
A person anybody can depend on. usually a person who likes structured ways, but can always be a blast. Knows what to say, and what to not. Normally the best friend someone could ask for. Never will stab you in the back.
Guy 1: Dude i just need a girl with a good heart, and who might be a little straighter than most girls. im sick of the partiers.

Guy 2: You need a Braeton bro.
by bunchesoflilies January 05, 2012
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