1.something that's really fast
2. the top speed of something
The car's got a braeden 200 and accel of 0-60 in 3.5 seconds
by 5'11"Racer September 28, 2006
Top Definition
A Braeden is an all American guy. He is the master at song lists and wows the ladies with his passionate writing skills, though sometimes he can come off as a little strong. He loves bowling, baseball, his iPod, and has long lost emotions for his high school sweetheart. He is honorable and strong, and a gentleman at best. But it you ever hurt a Braeden prepare for battle because his innumerable friends will immediately be by his side. Sometimes a Braeden can fly off the handle or lose himself in his thoughts, but they generally have a good friend to keep them in check. As studly as this guy is, he would never want to be a "player." His warm hazel eyes will dazzle you, and his smile will charm. If you should ever meet a "braeden," you'll want to take your pants off, but do try to refrain.
Girl 1: "Did you see the new kid?"
Girl 2: "Yes!! *squeals* He is such a Braeden!!"
Guy 1: "Where are my pants!?!?"
by ReileeAve March 30, 2010
a handsome young man, gifted with a warm heart and kind words; athletic and fierce defender of the truth; the kind of guy who kisses his wife in the pouring rain in the moonlight, lay down his jacket for her to step over a puddle, and hold tightly as they fall asleep to disney movies; heroic and manly yet humble and compassionate; he lives by instinct and rarely thinks before acting
"My husband is a Braeden. I'm the luckiest girl in the world."
by PokeballPitcher September 23, 2011
A Braeden is a man who is indescribable. He may seem intimidating, but really he is covering up how much emotion he feels inside. Often, Braedens like to watch sports such as baseball and hockey. Braedens sense things most people don't, but do not trust easily. He thinks little of himself, even though he is the most loving person one will ever meet. All Braedens rely on music and people to keep them going. To fall in love with a Braeden is to find your own heart.
"What happened last night?"

"I was very upset, but he held me and told me exactly how he felt. I had no idea!"
"He must be a Braeden."
by fleurty May 11, 2013
A man who goes on Minecraft servers AND hacks into the server and freaking wreck havoc like a motha frickin BOSS
Wow a braeden came into my server.
by childrende June 01, 2012
A beautiful girl, strong and powerful, yet intelligent and pretty. Braeden's are charasmatic and joyful; They love to laugh. Don't harm them or you will meet your match. All Braedens have a free soul. You can't tame a Braeden. It's impossible.
Braeden looked perfect as she glided over the jump with her horse.
by Beautiful horse13 October 21, 2011
someone with fancy ears who cries fancy tears, who is usually employed by some particular pasta restaurant. due to his fancy ways, he is confined to the kitchen area as he is hungover 75% of the time, all the time.
man, jeff totally braeden-ed it up last night.
by spaggotmaggot October 03, 2011
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