a terribly mean, obnoxious man who only cares about himself, his slut and his dog
doesnt care about anyones feelings as long as he gets sum


also refereed too as (insert barf noise here)
oh look theirs (insert barf noise here)
(insert barf noise here)
dont look theirs too many moles on the Braeden
by noonelikehim September 24, 2011
A homosexual who watches glee all the time. Could also listen to music such as Taylor Swift
Dude this kid is a Braeden!!
by Jacob Speed May 27, 2011
a total d-bag constantly doing dumb inappropriate things they are usually a male with an attention slut problem they think very highly of themselves and want to do anything that walks
girl#1:can u belive that guy?
girl#2:no, he was such an idiot he was hitting on every girl there.
girl#1:ya he sure thought he was hot shit.
girl#2:god, what a braeden!
by Brae hater December 05, 2009
braeden- typically a guy with a boyish prick. usually about 4 feet tall, and is known to be a hobbit. he's a complete asshole to others to make up for his little size. girls named ashley likes to shit on his life. did i mention he has a small weiner?

i hope your reading this, braeden.
you piece of shit. (:

oh, and by the way..he has a really ugly car.
ashley: god, i hate braeden. he's such a dick!
audra: maybe he's being a big dick to make up the size of his little one.
audra and ashley: AHAHA.
audra: i want some Arbys.
by ASHLEY&AUDRA May 20, 2010

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