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Bracknell is not the biggest or best town in the world, but its home. There are leisure centres, parks, woods, swimming pools, bowling, arcade, arts centre and lots of extra curricular classes or sports for children and adults to do. Also a range of different shops and you can find most things you need.

Bracknell has a huge industrial area which is good for the economy and also provides opportunity for jobs.
Bracknell gets a bad name from the small minority of people, the same as any other town. These are usually the same people who complain about bracknell and how bad it is... if they got a job/life instead of hanging around in town, then they would be able to join in with the rest of society instead of complaining about it.
The town centre is generally quite clean and well looked after... I have been to much worse places!
I live in Bracknell
by lapineda June 20, 2011
Many people say Bracknell is "Chav land", well let me inform you that yes, there are some rough kids here but name me an area where there isn't. And I have only ever heard of one girl who was 13 when she got pregnant soo shsh! We are NOT all scum, I have never stolen anything! I don't smoke, drink or anything like that - niether do my friends and we are in our teens. If you were in Bracknell to witness the "fights in every pub every night" then I would love to hear from you. Thanks.
Leave Bracknell alone! You have no idea what it's like!
by AHoyyHannah March 07, 2011
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