to be punched in the face hard enough to cause an absence of braces, on occasion followed by loss of conciseness.
"yooo! that nigga just got BRACED"
by 12th period gym Jan 26, 2010 January 26, 2010
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When two people with braces are kissing and their braces become stuck together

Often very embarrassing and difficult to get out of this situation
Man, did you see those dweebs Connie and Mattio last night at prom. THey were braced!
by Iharne K.G Ramms June 24, 2009

1. When an individual playing a sport gets shook by his opponents greatness.

2. It is also used when a person is always getting punked.

1. You ain't gonna be able to do that on the streets, you would get braced by the ballers in the ghetto.

2. Man, you need to start standing up for yourself, you always get braced on.
by NGCorp July 13, 2008

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