synonym for bull shit
Dude 1 :" uhhhh my dog ate it"
Teacher :" That's a lot of bo yang, now sit down before I slap you"
by andy February 12, 2005
Top Definition
The word a girl may say mid coitis.
"Boyang, Baby, Boyang"
by Turtle April 04, 2004
its what ur eyes do when u see a lass with great boobies
to boyang
his/hers/our eyes boyanged
did you see the tits on that hoes hound my eyes boyanged
by Jeremy Beadle January 15, 2004
Someone of elite or higher importance, someone who is a God.
"Did you pray to Bo Yang last night?"
by Raikesy01 May 26, 2016
Chinese insult: loosley translated as meaning Boylover.
That old man is a boyang.
by Cheli Wanji January 10, 2008
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