infamous movie like "bumfights" when a bum named Joe lives thru life and realizes that he dont have a purpose here on earth. He eventually gets clean and faints until 24 hours passes by and then creates the franchise "BOXXology"
wea mah boxx?
by Joe O February 22, 2004
Top Definition
A person who is so extremely smart, that his head exceeds the average limits of cranium size. Though not exceptionally gifted in the area looks, they make up in the area knowledge and talent.
Person #1: Hey you see that guy over there?
Person #2: Yeah, they call him Boxx.
Person #1: He's ok I guess. I wouldn't date him though.
Person #2: He's really smart though, I hear he plays guitar too.
by KFC Shaken'bake February 16, 2009
a special type of cardboard box that is featured in the underground show "Boxxology", that bum protagonist Joe tries to find in every episode.
wea mahh boxx, i can't find mah boxx
by blokzberry July 11, 2006
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