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7 definitions by blokzberry

to be ugly. Skruge was founded by 2 Staten Island kids that go by the name of "John". They consider skruges to be a different species under the human race. Currently there are over 600 skruges and counting.
Hey John, look at that skruge over there.

Oh man, I feel quite skrugey today.
by blokzberry July 11, 2006
a special task Johnologists have the oppurtunity of doing when they commit sklins. Johnfessions take place in porter pottys.
I must get rid of my sklin by going to Johnfession.
by blokzberry July 11, 2006
currently only consisting of 2 "main" Johnologists with 3 in training, the Johns usually are found doing whatever they feel like. At time they find "skruges" (see definition: skruge) who they feel are a threat to humanity.
The Johns are at it again!
by blokzberry July 11, 2006
underground religion created by hoodrats in Staten Island. Johnfessions are held for the few Johnologists. Sklins are forgiven by the JohnFather after saying certain prayers such as the Our Johnathan, Johhny Bee, and Hail Johnny. Johnology prayers are often used to cast away the evils of skruges
I converted to Johnology to defeat the skruges!
by blokzberry July 11, 2006
a special type of cardboard box that is featured in the underground show "Boxxology", that bum protagonist Joe tries to find in every episode.
wea mahh boxx, i can't find mah boxx
by blokzberry July 11, 2006
could mean anything. Usually used in a sentence as "You are mo" or "I feel mo" which can mean "You are gay" or "I feel strange".
I'm feeling pretty mo today.
by blokzberry July 11, 2006
graffiti crew in Staten Island, New York City. Created by a group of friends consisting of names such as "Blokz" and "Nyno", the group resides in 20+ members. In April 2006, founding members Scott Blokz and Simshady (NYNO) were arrested for posession of graffiti instruments, making graffiti, and criminal mischief. UTI stands for over 10 anagrams, the main anagrams being Up To Impress, Under The Influence, and Ur Towns Infected. Backwards the crew goes by ITU meaning I Taught U.
Blokz UTI is my favorite graffiti writer.
by blokzberry July 11, 2006