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A universally useful insult word from Harry Harrison's "Bill the Galactic Hero" books. The original work was a parody of Starship Troopers and contemporary sci-fi novels. As such, it mocked futurism by including a new slang word: bowb.

Depending on usage, bowb can be a noun, proper noun, verb, or adjective. Also see: "Fuck."
Don't give me any of your bowb!

Get over here, you stupid bowb!

What is this, "Bowb Your Buddy Week?"

Bowbity-bowb bowb!
by Fehlauer March 30, 2005
(verb) to smoke weed... "bowbin" can refer to any method of smoking that sweet herb (pipe, bong, joint, etc.)
Q: "What do you feel like doing?"
A: "Let's bowb and watch that seafood documentary"

Q: "What are you guys up to?"
A: "Just bowbin and watching tv"
by 007 James March 04, 2014
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