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A bovenizer is a unit of measurement used by the majority of irish people worldwide, although when asked about it by a non-Irish person (a stadín), they will most often deny its existence.

The word bovenizer stems from a figure in Irish Myths and legend: Fálor Bovenizer. Fálor was a giant of a man who travelled with the great Irish hero : An mac tira. On one of their travels they came upon a large tear in the earths suface.
Bovenizer stretcheed across the span and allowed An mac tira's company to cross by walking along his back. The width of the span became a mesurement used by the people of Ireland.
Jim: "reckon you could make that jump?"
Dyl: "I dunno, it looks about one and a half bovenizers, thats kinda big"

Tour guide: Grafton street is over two hundred imperial bovenizers long
by Patrick Tira June 14, 2009
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