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Boukaki is a festival, well used to be a festival in japan where a group of men (old and young alike) will masturbate and semen onto one container. afterwards they will pass that container full of semen (say about 500ml or more) to a girl of a legal age and she will drink it. yep , drink it all up in one go. The men will cheer as she drink them and she will probably have to compete with another semen-drinking girl nearby and the girl who wins will be awarded with a prize!! and the prize can be anything from a cheap dildo to a penis-shaped trophy made of gold.

Now, Boukaki festivals are intertwined with the japanese communal baths, orgy and naked sports. Its a weird japanese event so to speak. I say weird because the women seems to be willing in bringing their dignity and submissiveness to a very extreme degree.
by donahoe September 06, 2013
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