Fake, knock off, not real
Boy tring to act tough with his $60 bougee Bapes
by Erik Gustafson August 14, 2007
Top Definition
When ghetto folk/white trash/poor people try and act above their station. Offshoot of 'bourgeois'. Usually an insult thrown out by jealous haters.
"Eww, why's that hoodrat actin' like she likes cavier!"

"She jus' tryin' to be all bougee and shit... like she got money."
by b'killa February 15, 2007
How you gonna do him like dat dat wus so bougee.
by Lilghettoguh January 11, 2003
man you did him so bougee he jus wanted you #
by booqueeshaLadara January 28, 2003
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