A mattress often used as a bed, located where a couch should be.

Bouches are typically found in college dorms where inebriation and debauchery take place.

The bouch was invented by a coon.
Joe: "What should we do with Frank? He's to drunk to walk, let alone drive."
Jack: "Hold him here, I'll get the bouch."
by Roddog Assassin August 30, 2009
A word which can be used in place of a swear word/ offensive word.
Stop being such a bouch.
Ow, stop it you bouching idiot!
by Deine_Mutter July 08, 2009
A couch which is often used as a bed. Reports indicate the original bouch may be located in an inner suburb of Melbourne, Australia.
Ian crashed on the bouch again last night
by Wiggles April 06, 2004
Peter Van Danns cat, from Anne Frank.
"bouch is a tom cat."
by Gregory. June 08, 2007
1. Someone who has an unusual obsession with bacon and egg rolls
2. A cooker/designer of bacon and egg rolls- a baker
3. A lazy careers advisor
"Gidday Bouch"
Bouch: "Just a bacon and egg roll thankyou"

by Jim Piper April 14, 2008
to slap somebody in the face with your cock. (cock slap)
I bouched that girl in the face last night and then she sucked on my dick.
by smokey mcpot October 13, 2004

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