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(n.) one who is extremely stupid, a moron, a brainless jerk.

(adj.) to add an extreme to stupidity, such as "bothing idiot"; to be extremely stupid or moronic.
(n.) Those jocks over there a bothings.

(adj.)Harrison Callaghan is such a bothing jerk.
by BatgirltheThird October 19, 2009
the simultaneous act of vomiting and defecating.
Tom ate some bad chicken and had to miss work because he was bothing something fierce.
by naked big guy October 20, 2009
Bothing is when you smilutaniously smoke the chronic & drink booze, either in the comfort of your own home or in a Dam coffee shop.
I'm fucked coz i've been bothing.
by skidmarks3 October 08, 2009