school for elite eurotrash and east coast slackers to attend when they are denied by the hundreds of schools superior to BU. note: no actual studying occurs there.
Did you see the eurotrash in their BMWs cruising Newbury Street last night? It was ridiculous!

Yeah, someone should really revoke their student visas.
by bc4lyfe November 11, 2004
Located in Allston, Masachusetts.

Includes several academic subdivisions such as the College of General Studies and School of Hospitality Administration.

Accepts the majority of high school students who apply for admission (57%, according to Peterson's).

Has one high profile athletic team, men's ice hockey, which recently lost to Boston College 5-0 in a season-ending NCAA tournament game.
Boston University student: "Wow, that was a rough day of hotel management classes in the School of Hospitality Administration. If I can dodge the traffic and trolley on Commonwealth Avenue safely, I'll go back to my dorm in Warren Towers and think about how glad I am that I was accepted to BU along with most of the other applicants. Maybe I'll relax by reading about how the hockey team lost 5-0 to Boston College last week."
by facts only April 04, 2006
A safety school for Boston College
Student A: Boston University isn't that bad
Student B: Yes it is BC is better
by Joe College December 05, 2005
Boston University is known by everyone else in the city as the clueless snob school. Not even snobs, I don't want to be harsh. Sometimes when I'm on the train (B-line), I have a strong urge to tap someone on the shoulder and ask them to grow up or leave my city!
Most people who are actually from Boston don't like Boston University students. Boston College is OK. MassArt is better. Berklee, all the schools off the E-line Train, D-line, Red Line are nice. UMASS Boston and Amherst are always acceptable.
by dilda September 19, 2005
A school filled with snobby rich kids who couldn't quite make it into Boston College.
"Kid One: Dude, I was on the T the other day and all these obnoxious BC kids started yelling at me, but I couldn't understand them.
Kid Two: Were they yelling 'SAFETY!!!!!!!'
Kid Two: No wonder you go to B.U."
by bckicksass March 21, 2005
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