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1. A typically black dog with white markings ranging from 10-25 lbs, the Boston terrier is known as the "American Gentleman."

2. Reference to the cult following the breed has developed.
"Look a Boston Terrier! I have to go meet the owner and swap stories of all the Bostons we have ever raised, stretching into antiquity."


- followed by much petting and happiness.
by Abnertown September 25, 2011
40 8
An adorable type of canine.
Look it's a Boston Terrier!!!!!!
by Sandy Jane February 19, 2008
139 36
An amazing black and white dog that is your best friend!
My wife just bought us our first dog, I'm so glad because he's a Boston Terrier.
by Ms. Da Vinci 1 March 30, 2012
11 3