vb. to screw someone over very badly; similar to getting 'Munsoned' from the movie Kingpin
We thought the hotels were only $20 for the weekend, but we got bosched and they turned out to be $50!
by Anteater December 07, 2004
Bosch is a term used mainly among neds, it is a greeting like "neebor" or "mate" that can be used for anyone, it jus makes it easier when you are takin wiv people.
"Orite Bosch, hows it goin?"
by Diddy October 02, 2004
a girl that sleeps around; a derivitive of the word 'slag'.
danielle: did you hear about the time when she went off with that boy after the party?

britney: i know, she's such a bosch
by Frenzy October 30, 2005
Bosch a hole in a toilet cubicle, such as would be drilled by a bosch drill.
seen in scary movie one where his ear gets tickled by a dick. heh
by JiggaWoo August 21, 2004
a girl hu is 100% frigid
calvin : alex, emma is such a bosch

Alex : yes i no, she wudnt even kiss me, its crazy!
by big bow May 01, 2005
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