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Cool; Fad; Awesome; Sweet; Tight; wicked; sick; poppin and righteous
"Hey man, those stunna shades are hella bosch."
by DaC00lKidZ April 06, 2008
An event celebrating the first day of "summer" in Houghton, MI. Bosch is called when the temperature hits 60 degrees fahrenheit by noon. Bosch is celebrated on the beach by skipping classes and getting way too drunk by dinnertime.
"Did you hear they called Bosch today?"

"No way! Why aren't we there already?"
by pseudonyminum April 02, 2010
A word that can substitute any form of a compliment or praise.
Can usually end with a certain suffix.
"That party last night was hella Bosch'in man!"

"You would be twice as Bosch, if you didn't fail at life."
by Bob White Jackson February 11, 2009
to consume food or drink with haste or in a hurry
Bill: Dude lets get the fuck out of here!

Chris: hang on dude let me just bosch this can of mother and we'll go


Random Aussie: Man i could bosch a pie right now somethin fierce
by Australian Chap October 25, 2008
to carry out an art. It is not based on mere physical aggression, but craft, technique and timing. When one is bosched, they will end up humiliated on the floor, completely bossed but their body will carry no lasting damage.
Christ Pete is your leg ok? It's all cut up the shin.

Yeah man sure it is (bollocks), George just bosched me that's all.
by The Boom. May 02, 2011
a very affluent person. can also be used in adjective form.

shouted alone, the word "bosch!" can be used as a justification for only carrying plastic (credit cords, mate) or making a reference to not being a focking skobe or pleb. the phrase can be teamed brilliantly with a smug look on ones face.

must not be confused with "bosh" which is merely a focking douchebag's attempt at distinguishing bosch(ledge) with bosch(kitchen appliance brand). However this is highly unnecessary and not well received amoungst the truely bosch community.
Example: ed is very bosch! what a ledge!!
by bosch08 March 28, 2008
Origin: windshield wiper brand, popular on old shitty honda civics

Definition: a word used to playfully insult someone, generally meaning bitch. There are many variations of the word, including but not limited to, bosh, boschum, beash, boscha, beashum, blosh, blosh ass, etc.
Triple Bound Boscha
by zbrown12 June 05, 2010
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