For a girl, it would be someone that has made a commitment to give up sexual intercourse and eventually their hymen will regenerate. At that point a girl can be considered a born again virgin. Even though they have remained abstinent for a long period of time, they have still experienced sex with a man and have had someone elses dick in them making them tainted goods. Having said that they are much better than a lot of the filthy whores that are among us or live in my dorm for that matter.

For a guy, it is more along the lines of someone that decides to stop being such a man whore and has a change in values.
Carly got fucked hard core by her jackass ex-boyfriend and now she is sorry for being so dumb. She has sworn to become a born again virgin from that point on but she will never be as pure as me becasue I have never been tarnished by dick.
by Becky Robertson October 28, 2006
A person who died as a virgin and is reincarnated but has yet, if ever, to get some action. Such breed of people commonly practice a high level of social retartedness and often with looks that do little to trigger sexual desires of others i.e. neither beautiful on the inside nor the outside.
After hearing Jack complain yet again about his inabaility to get a nose job due to his poor financial state and his enthusiasm in the use of pick-up lines, removed all doubts of Jack being a born again virgin.
by federer_is_your_new_god February 02, 2007
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