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Short, balding, rat-like, and as proven from the recent camera phone 'porn' video, hung like a gerbil.
Got into the scene for the money, thanks to a leg up by Korn, proceded to make music which is only good while drunk and 16.
Was made 'CEO' of Interscope - his obvious lack of any management skills meant this was 'honourary' to promote the label, and Durst likely to have absolutely no control over company decisions - apart from maybe being A&R and a scout for other party/sport/nu-metal bands that appeared for a few seconds.
Likened to Kid Rock, Tommy Lee and Vanilla Ice in that they all have absolutely no talent, and jumped on the Nu-Metal band wagon, and now all sorely regret it as they no longer have a reputation.
Fred Durst invented 'Party Metal'
by SMiek April 03, 2006
Homosexual, radio disc jockey from Merseyside who has hosted a talk show for many years.
Talk show features extremely mis-informed, (and sometimes drunk) callers who generally shoot the breeze because they appear to be lonely and old. Subject matter tends to cover trivial topics, and things they have read in The Sun or Daily Mail newspaper.
Anyone putting down the area (Liverpool and Merseyside) or their residing celebrities, are shot down in flames by Mr Price, because you can't say things like that on the show.
Pete Price - "Hello Tracey, what would like to say?"
Tracey - "Ello, I've just had to wait 2 hours for a bus ..."

by smiek October 29, 2006
'Famous' for going out with, and having a child with, Jade Goody, who is famous for being on Tv's Big Brother, and is now famous for being in celeb mags every week.
Later divorced Jade, and then went onto host or sparsely starring in dumbed down tv programming. He once played a game of celebrity football, with similar z list celebs
Apart from spreading his flawed genetics through child birth, he has done nothing of note
Jeff Brazier should've been sterilised
by smiek October 29, 2006
A grassy little village situated in between Prenton and Arrowe Park, that is populated by Chavs, Vermin, Dolites, and the general ilk that is coming to identify Britain of the 21st Century. The estate was built after it was bombed during World War 2, it is currently required a second bombing to wipe out the lowest common denominator, who take luxury in destroying other people's property and set fire to wheelie bins, just to prove who the Alpha Male* is. The parents are unaware, or totally oblivious of what little John Alex, or Tania Ann is doing. It is a mere bus ride away from Birkenhead.

* Alpha Male in the Chav circle can also be identified by his underlying insecurities, tiny wrists, inverted penis, and hairy tongue. He is the first to get hit, and knocked out, if he ever encounters and violence. Usually by his father.
That Woodchurch. It's a FUCKING SHITHOLE.
by smiek June 07, 2007
Actor most famous for his role as David Vincent in The Invaders, a science fiction, two season serial filmed in the 1960's. Featured in several films afterwards, most recently appearing in episodes on The X Files, the seemingly unrelated remake of The Invaders starring Scott Bakula, and several films since.

Is currently interested in a proper remake of The Invaders series.
Roy Thinnes is architect David Vincent
by Smiek October 16, 2010
Jewish New York based musician who used to make good music, then started to make tepid Jewish music (because 'it is his faith').
Met up with funk metal singer Mike Patton, and the rest went downhill from there.
John Zorn was better with Eye that Patton
by smiek October 29, 2006
Awful song written by awful band Journey.
Made popular by Family Guy.
Now covered by thick twats doing karaoke, appearing on X-Factor, and school musicals.
Considered to be the best song ever, by thick twats - only because Family Guy made it famous.
What's your favourite song?
Don't Stop Believin'
Who wrote that?
... I don't know.
by smiek October 17, 2010

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